About Us

My name is Keana; founder, designer, and CEO of Keana and Kai™️
I am 24, lover of all things plants, rattan, and coffee. But the greatest title I am most proud of? On 5/22/2018, I became a mommy.
When my beautiful son Kai was born, it was very difficult finding cute clothes for him to wear. I searched everywhere (and as most new moms already know), there aren’t very many baby-friendly stores to begin with. I didn’t want loud printed clothes or anything uncomfortable on my baby. I wanted something cute, simple and comfortable but it didn’t exist.
In October 2018, when Kai was 5 months old, I came up with an idea of a simple 2-piece outfit. I had a visual in my head but at the time didn’t know if it was gonna look cute in person or how it would fit on a baby. All I knew was I had to bring my vision to life and the first step would be to create a prototype sample.
I called my aunt Tamina in Oregon (she is so talented and can literally make anything and everything). I asked her to make a pattern and bring to life the set I envisioned. At the time, I had not done any research on fabric; but knew I wanted the material to be super soft and comfortable.  I sent her a few gently worn (adult) shirts I thrifted (because they were so soft!). Two weeks later, my first samples arrived and Keana and Kai™️ was born. The outfit not only looked cute on KAI; the fit and feel were super comfortable! I knew right then I needed to keep pursuing my vision and create a brand. It was such a proud moment for me I never felt so happy!
I spent the next couple of months doing research, brainstorming ideas, seeing how I could turn my dream into reality. Let me be the first to say it was NOT easy! I never imagined how much time, work and expense goes into starting a business! With the endless love and support of my family, I am proud to say my dream has finally become a reality! And the best part?? Keana and Kai™️ officially launches on Kai’s 1st Birthday!
One thing I’ve learned from this experience is you can’t expect to wake up a butterfly. Growth and success is a process! Have the will, power and believe in yourself; push through all adversity, never give up in making your dream a reality, and I promise you will be rewarded.
Thank you all for being here it is such an honor having you be a part of this amazing journey. HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY!